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ACL Fest’s signature greening programs, Rock & Recycle and Divert It!, are presented by Austin Parks Foundation. Rock & Recycle encourages festival attendees to pick up a bag of recyclables from the grounds in exchange for a specially designed ACL Fest line-up tee. Divert It! enlists volunteers to encourage and educate fans by helping them compost, recycle and send less waste to landfills.

APF is making the festival greener by encouraging recycling and composting, and educating fans about our Recycling in Parks initiative. This year, APF is partnering with the following organizations focused on the environment, public space and community engagement:

  • Recycling Tour: In partnership with HOPE (of the HOPE outdoor gallery), APF is placing 12 artist-designed recycling bins throughout the park. Festival attendees can visit each of the 12 bins to learn a little about APF’s recycling efforts, ACL’s greening programs and more.
  • Keep Austin Beautiful Relays: Keep Austin Beautiful will teach fans about how litter travels fast in our urban watershed, as well as how to properly recycle and compost with a fun relay race activity.
  • Don’t Mess With Texas: TXDOT’s signature litter abatement campaign will have bins on-site to remind festival attendees that our parks, trails, and green spaces are no place for litter.
  • Kammok Lounge: This local Austin brand focused on community and the great outdoors, and their passion for gear that promotes access to thriving public green spaces will host festival goers in a shady hammock lounge in partnership with NIDO structures. Come hang with us!
  • Live Painting with HOPE: The artists that design the 12 recycling tour bins, and special Rock & Recycle line-up tees will be on-site each day of the festival. Fans can stop by to watch the masters work!


Keeping Zilker Park and the planet healthy and around for future generations are key missions of the Festival. From the use of biodiesel run generators to diverting waste from the landfill and fan education and outreach, ACL Fest is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint both during the Festival and throughout the year. Here are more ways in which ACL Fest strives to lessen its environmental impact…

Carbon Offsets

In 2018, ACL Fest continues its commitment to the environment by offsetting the calculated emissions created by the festival’s generators, fuel usage and staff and artist travel. Since 2007, ACL Festival has calculated and offset 15,153,413 pounds of carbon dioxide created by production emissions!

Water Campaign

Festival producers continue to explore convenient and efficient ways to keep fans hydrated so they can safely enjoy the show. Staff and patrons are encouraged to refill their bottles at the CamelBak Filling Stations throughout the park. In 2017, we poured 349,202 Liters of water at Event Water Solutions’ innovative triple filtered filing station. That is equivalent to 698,404 bottles of water!

ACL Fest has once again partnered with The Nature Conservancy of Texas to promote a lasting effort to celebrate and conserve one of Texas’ precious natural resource – water.

Waste Diversion

Thanks to the diligent efforts of ACL fans and staff, ACL 2017 had a resounding 36.87% by cubic volume waste diversion rate. We will strive for a higher rate in 2018 through an extensive composting and food repurpose program and a continued ban on items that can be harmful to the environment such as plastic bags and styrofoam. The Austin Eats Food Court utilizes both front and back of house composting, and all vendors are required to use eco-friendly, compostable plates, napkins and utensils.

We additionally strive to donate any unused materials in good condition by partnering with local charities and organizations to give back to the community while helping divert waste away from the landfill.

Park Improvements

Since early 2007, a portion of proceeds from every ticket sold has gone to support improvements at parks all over town. Improving Austin’s green spaces for the entire community is an essential element of the Festival’s green mission. ACL is proud to support the Foundation in education, advocacy, and ecological restoration projects across Austin, including the Barton Creek Greenbelt, The Shoal Creek Greenbelt, The Bull Creek Greenbelt, and the Zilker Preserve.