Rock and Recycle

When you throw an outdoor party as big as ACL Festival, there’s more to think about than just putting on an amazing rock show. Join us in our commitment to ensuring a greener future for Zilker Park and Austin.


ACL Festival recycles and encourages fans to do the same. Join the Rock & Recycle Program by picking up a bag of recyclables from the ground. You’ll earn a collectible ACL Festival shirt and KIND bars to power you through your adventures in Zilker Park. Participants will be entered to win a KIND bicycle each weekend, and to top it off, there will be a drawing for a pair of 2015 ACL Festival Passes every night. At ACL Fest, you rock, you recycle, and you get rewarded! Visit a Rock & Recycle Center for more details.

Refill and Rehydrate

Throughout the park, you will find CamelBak Filling Stations offering FREE filtered water to keep you hydrated all day. BYOBottle or purchase a limited edition ACL Festival CamelBak available at the Filling Station next to Rock Island Hideaway and on the north end of the main field (just past the Art Market). Over the past two years, ACL fans have reduced a significant amount of waste produced at the Festival by pouring enough water to fill almost 470,000 water bottles. Cheers to that!

Travel Green

Ride the festival shuttle. Use pedal power. Carpool. Take a hike. The Festival grounds are near downtown and the city’s Hike and Bike Trail. Take advantage of the bicycle parking and Mellow Johnny’s Bike Repair Shops located near each entrance to the Festival. Use eco-friendly ways to come and go and join thousands of others to green up your travel.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Prior to the Festival, fans are offered the chance to purchase certified carbon offsets from Green Mountain Energy Company when buying their tickets or anytime they visit the festival’s website. By adding the $3.00 Green Mountain Energy® FanTag to a ticket, fans offset the equivalent of 220 pounds of CO2. That’s like not driving a car 245 miles, recycling 550 aluminum cans, or planting 13 trees.

If you didn’t buy a Fan Tag with your ticket, don’t sweat it. Stop by the Green Mountain Energy booth in ACL Cares to do your part.

All carbon offsets purchased from ACL Festival 2013 will benefit the SouthTex Greenwoods Farm Landfill in Tyler, TX. The landfill has special equipment that captures naturally occurring landfill gas, which contains methane. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas with over 20 times the potency of carbon dioxide. The landfill gas is purified, injected into the local natural gas pipeline, and used to heat homes and businesses in the Tyler area. The project is third party certified by the Climate Action Reserve, which means the offsets are real, permanent, additional and verifiable.


Keeping Zilker Park and the planet healthy and around for future generations are key missions of the Festival. From the use of biodiesel run generators to diverting waste from the landfill and fan education and outreach, ACL is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint both during the Festival and throughout the year. Here are more ways in which ACL strives to lessen its environmental impact…

Carbon Offsets

In 2013, ACL continues its commitment to the environment by offsetting the estimated CO2 emissions created by the festival’s generators, electricity usage, staff travel, artists travel and office based emissions. Over the past five years, Festival producers and fans have helped offset approximately 8,220,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide. That’s equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by approximately 500,000 trees over one year!

Water Campaign

Festival producers continue to explore convenient and efficient ways to keep fans hydrated so they can safely enjoy the show. Thanks to our water sponsor, Boxed Water, ACL does not offer plastic water bottles on Festival grounds. These recyclable cartons are collected and recycled by ACL fans through the Rock & Recycle Program.

Staff and patrons are encouraged to refill their bottles at the CamelBak Filling Stations throughout the park. In 2011, we poured 122,000 Liters of water at Event Water Solutions’ innovative triple filtered filling stations. That is equivalent to 244,000 bottles of water!

ACL has once again partnered with The Nature Conservancy of Texas to promote a lasting effort to celebrate and conserve one of Texas’ precious natural resource – water. Stop by their booth in ACL Cares to join the cause. If you do, you might even win a paddle board!

Waste Diversion

Thanks to the diligent efforts of ACL fans and staff, ACL 2011 saw the highest waste diversion rates in the history of the Festival; by cubic volume, we diverted 62% of the waste. We strive for a higher rate in 2013 through an extensive composting program and a continued ban on items that can be harmful to the environment such as plastic bags and styrofoam. The Austin Eats Food Court utilizes both front and back of house composting, and all vendors are required to use eco-friendly, compostable plates, napkins and utensils.

Park Improvements

Since early 2007, a portion of proceeds from every ticket sold has gone to support improvements at parks all over town. Improving Austin’s green spaces for the entire community is an essential element of the Festival’s green mission. ACL is proud to support the Foundation in education, advocacy, and ecological restoration projects across Austin, including the Barton Creek Greenbelt, The Shoal Creek Greenbelt, The Bull Creek Greenbelt, and the Zilker Preserve.

Community Outreach/Exhibits

The Nature Conservancy, Green Mountain Energy Company and other selected organizations have a presence in the ACL Cares – a special greenspace, which gives patrons an opportunity to learn more about how they can practice “green living” in their everyday lives. Also near the Barton Springs entrance, patrons will see a large solar panel prominently displayed, which helps educate fans about the power of the sun. This solar panel supplies power for the information booth and nearby site enhancements.