Keep It Green With APF

ACL Fest’s signature greening programs, Rock & Recycle and Divert It!, are presented by Austin Parks Foundation. Rock & Recycle encourages festival attendees to pick up a bag of recyclables from the grounds in exchange for a specially designed ACL Fest line-up tee. Divert It! enlists volunteers to encourage and educate fans by helping them compost, recycle and send less waste to landfills.

APF is making the festival greener by encouraging recycling and composting, and educating fans about our Recycling in Parks initiative. This year, APF is partnering with the following organizations focused on the environment, public space and community engagement:

  • Recycling Tour: In partnership with HOPE (of the HOPE outdoor gallery), APF is placing 12 artist-designed recycling bins throughout the park. Festival attendees can visit each of the 12 bins to learn a little about APF’s recycling efforts, ACL’s greening programs and more.
  • Keep Austin Beautiful Relays: Keep Austin Beautiful will teach fans about how litter travels fast in our urban watershed, as well as how to properly recycle and compost with a fun relay race activity.
  • Don’t Mess With Texas: TXDOT’s signature litter abatement campaign will have bins on-site to remind festival attendees that our parks, trails, and green spaces are no place for litter.
  • Kammok Lounge: This local Austin brand focused on community and the great outdoors, and their passion for gear that promotes access to thriving public green spaces will host festival goers in a shady hammock lounge in partnership with NIDO structures. Come hang with us!
  • Live Painting with HOPE: The artists that design the 12 recycling tour bins, and special Rock & Recycle line-up tees will be on-site each day of the festival. Fans can stop by to watch the masters work!

These programs are made possible by a team of 300+ volunteers. Volunteers spread the word about our mission and encourage fans to get involved. PLUS all volunteers get to enjoy the festival before or after their shift! Applications for greening volunteers are open now at

This article was posted on September 27, 2018