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Rene G. is an ACL Fest superfan. This year, Rene booked his hotel right from and scored a huge discount. But then, there was a hiccup.

The original hotel Rene booked his rooms through accidentally overbooked, leaving his group without a place to crash. That meant with only a few weeks left, he would have to compete with tons of other music-lovers who were looking to nab a comfy hotel room in Austin.

That’s when Hotels for Hope, ACL Fest’s hotel booking partner, reached out to help Rene get back in the hotel game…and fast. They were able to relocate him, and he ended up saving $25 on his hotel reservation. Not to mention because he booked through H4H, a donation was made to Kids in a New Groove, which gives children in foster programs access to private music instruction.

“With Hotels for Hope, we are not only finding excellent rates for hotel accommodations, but we are also helping a great cause,” Rene told us. “The customer service and staff with Hotels for Hope are fantastic and make us feel taken care of, from the moment we book our rooms to the moment we depart. Thank you for being there for us, and we hope to use your service next year and beyond!”

There’s still time to book your hotel room for both weekends of ACL Fest. You’ll find hotels with the lowest guaranteed rates marked with the “ACL DEALS” banner. Can’t wait to see you deep in the heart of Texas!

This article was posted on August 23, 2017