5 Tips for Traveling to ACL Fest with Friends

You and your crew have tickets to the fest, what next? Our friends at Vrbo, one of Austin’s leading travel companies, shared 5 tips for planning your trip and traveling to ACL Fest with friends.

1. Communication is key

Create a group chat to start planning early. Whether it’s text, WhatsApp or WeChat, agree on using the same messaging tool, so all communications are happening in one place, everyone receives pertinent trip details and lines don’t get crossed. Remember: not all travelers are the same. Some like to plan trips weeks in advance and others prefer to go with the flow, so make sure you communicate early and often. 

2. Get a head start on finding a place to stay

Lodging options get booked up quickly and can get pricey leading up to ACL Fest, so start looking for a place to stay right away. When traveling with a group, consider booking a vacation home where you all can have more space instead of squeezing into a cramped hotel room. On average, vacation homes are more affordable than hotels when splitting the cost multiple ways. Your group can also stock the kitchen with drinks and snacks to relax after a long day at the festival and recharge in time for the next day.  

3. Split costs and reimburse each other with payment apps

Apps like Splitwise and FairPay are great options when traveling as a group to keep track of joint expenses and who owes what in the end. From accommodations to meals, saving receipts and manually calculating costs can be a headache. These tools make settling up simple. For friends who prefer to go cashless, download Venmo, Paypal or the Cash App to make requesting money and paying each other back fast and easy.

4. Opt for using rideshares

City streets are congested and parking near ACL Fest is limited. To ensure you’re getting to and from the festival easily and safely, opt for rideshares to get around town. Use Uber so your group can easily get to and from the fest with dedicated pick-up and drop-off points. For larger groups, hail an UberXL which can fit up to six riders.

5. Take some time to see the city

There’s a lot to see and do in Austin outside of the festival grounds. There is no shortage of unique restaurants, food trucks and breweries to visit in Austin, so try out one of the many locally-owned businesses before heading to the fest. If you and your friends arrive a day early or have some free time before the gates open, take a walk on the hike-and-bike trail around Lady Bird Lake or hike up Mount Bonnell for one of the best views in the city.

No matter how big your group is, just a little bit of planning and coordination can go a long way. Use these tips, so you and your friends can make the most out of ACL Fest weekend and travel better together.

This article was posted on July 19, 2019