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Sun 10/09

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Giving all praises and honor to God for allowing us to complete a second CD project as Wesley Bray and the Disciples of Joy. I'm very thankful to have been able to work with my family on this project. My daughter Jasmine Bray was instrumental in helping to sing lead and back ground vocals, lay music tracks, and assist in Producing this project. This project is especially close to my heart because my daughter at the age of 9 was instrumental in encouraging me to re-start this ministry again. Jasmine didn't play an instrument at the time and promised to learn to sing and play if we would start another band. Needless to say, Jasmine has done just what she promised! This will be the first time my daughter has participated in the recording of a CD. Our music Ministry consist of Wesley Bray- lead singer/background vocals/Lead Guitarist and Founder; Cynthia Bray-lead/background vocals, Jasmine Bray-lead/background vocals and keyboardist; Robin Hargers-Bass Guitar player; Mike Morin-Drummer; and Bret Bates-Guitar; and Jeremiah Bray-backup Drummer. Our style of music is a combination of R&B, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Quartet, but with a Gospel message that appeals to all walks of life.