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The Gospel Stars were formed in 1985 in Austin, Texas. The original members were Rev. James Guyton, Rev. James Lott, Johnny Lott and Bryan Lott. Later that year, Brother Calvin Sheppard – the cousin of the Lott brothers – joined the group asthe drummer. The group traveled and sang God’s praises for the next several years. Eventually, the Clay brothers joined the group, then left in 1993. In 1993, Brother McLamb became the Gospel Stars’ booking manager and continued in that role until 2001. Other members who have joined the band are Brother Jimmy Davis, Rev. Larry Washington and the present drummer, Tim Smith. The Gospel Stars’ have traveled to a number of states including Colorado, Tennessee, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana. They have had the opportunity to sing with the Canton Spirituals, the William Brothers, Shirley Caesar and various other artists. The group has also recorded with renowned blues artist W. C. Clark. The Gospel Stars recorded their first tape in 1994, entitled "Lord I Need You." In 1996, they released their first CD, "Thank You Lord for Sending Mama This Way," in memory of the Lott brothers’ mother. They released their second CD in 2000 with the title "Please Forgive Me." They will soon record their third CD. In the year 2000, the Gospel Stars were honored to receive the Best Male Quartet of the Decade in Texas award. In 2002 the Gospel Stars finally were able to purchase their first travel bus. In the future, the Gospel Stars plan to record at least twice a year, and are looking forward to some day owning a recording studio. In 2006, while driving their sisters group from Baton Rouge, La, the Lott brothers called their sister to the front saying that it was time to start singing with her brothers. This is what their mother wanted. In 2009 they recorded their third CD entitled “It’s a New Beginning” and 2015 they recorded their fourth cd entitled “Doing My Best. The current members of the group are May Lott(Tootie), Johnny Lott, Bryan Lott, Pastor James Lott, Herman Lampkin Jr. and Eclisha Lewis(Lumpy). They continue to travel around the world giving God the Praise.