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Taylor Bennett is the fast rising star of hip hop. Aside from being the talented younger brother of Grammy

Award winning artist Chance the Rapper, Taylor Bennett at the age of 22 is a hugely successful hip-hop

artist, philanthropist, model, entrepreneur, songwriter, and producer.

Taylor is currently promoting the release of his new video, "Rock 'N' Roll", and EP "Be Yourself" which

dropped mid-July and has been streamed over 4 million times. Fans keep craving more after each

appearance / performance, including a 20K capacity crowd at Perry Farrell's stage at Chicago's

Lollapalooza Festival and numerous stellar performances at Boston Calling, Hangout Festival,

SnowGlobe to name a few, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and a Good Morning America

interview profile and performance. This is just the beginning for this compassionate, articulate, and

uniquely artistic talent, who is driving culture forward and inspiring fans worldwide.

Taylor Bennett is a major advocate for the LGBTQ community and homeless youth amongst other

initiatives. Coming out in early 2017 as bi-sexual, he addressed: I think there's a lot of people -

especially in the music community, especially in hip-hop - that don't feel okay with being themselves,

that feel like being different is to be wrong. I've never shared that belief. My parents and my brother and

my friends and anybody that I've ever surrounded myself with, we've always accepted and respected

each other for who we are. That's something that I want my music to reflect as well. (The Fader, 2017)

Taylor's debut album, Broad Shoulders, was released in 2015 and featured tracks with artists such as

King Louie, Joey Purp, Chance the Rapper and more! The buzz around his first project also fueled a 13

minute short film that was released in 2017. His sophomore album Restoration of an American

Idol released in 2017 featured A-list collaborations with Jeremih, Raury, and Lil Yachty

among others. Bennett toured around this album on a 29-city tour that saw him headline and sell out

rooms across the country. Taylor is currently out promoting his 2018 release, "Be Yourself ".