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Supa Bwe, pronounced (Supa Boy or Supa Buu), the former front man of Hurt Everybody, went solo after the band’s split in early 2016, dropping his ground breaking Dead Again 3 EP featuring Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, Twista and more. Supa’s wide musical influence growing up has allowed him to create a unique style, mixing traits from rock & roll and rap alike, to create what has now become a signature style for him. When asked “Why these specific influences?” Supa replied “I grew up in a house where my mother was from England, and my father was from the West side of Chicago. My mom played rock and roll, and my dad played rap. The duality created by constantly ingesting opposite genres gave me a perspective of my own, and allowed me to father this “Angry Boy” genre.” Supa writes, produces, mixes & masters most of his own music, which has given him a creative touch that is unmatched with his competition. Following the release of Dead Again 3, 35 Million streams later & a tour with the Hippie Sabotage duo, Supa went on a hiatus to create his newest body of work, Finally Dead. When asked what separates this project from his earlier works he replied “I took my time and didn’t judge myself with this project, while putting in more effort than I ever have before.” Supa’s Finally Dead dropped December 6th, debuting at number 3 on iTunes and receiving great acclaim from publications such as XXL, Hype Beast, HNHH and many more. The project, which features Xavier Omar & Saba, has boasted over 15 million streams in under 2 months, leading Supa Bwe to be the front running talent out of Chicago.