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Fri 10/05

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Multi-faceted duo, NÄM take a blissful dive into the

dense sea of dicordant rhythms that produce

euphoniously mismatching pop beats led by ethereal

vocals. NÄM's Sam Simmons and Nora Luders

crossed paths upon Sam's arrival to Austin, Texas in

his online pursuit to find musicians to collaborate

with when he came across Nora on a social media site

for musicians. After watching a self-shot video of her

singing a Norah Jone's cover, Sam was immediately

hooked. After sending beats and recordings back and

forth for a few months and writing their first few

songs together while Nora was in Berlin, the duo

finally met when Nora returned to Austin, Texas to

pursue her degree at The University of Texas.

Both German Native, Nora and East Tennesse raised,

Sam began creating music at a young age. While Nora

began songwriting at the age of 8 and Sam picking up

instruments at the mere age of 5 and pursuing a

degree in audio engineering, the duo was destined for

undeniable success.

Drawing inspiration from Chet Faker, Lorde, Lauryn

Hill, and Ta-Ku, NÄM established their sound and

released their first EP in 2016, UMLAUT, that was

completely DIY, recorded, mixed and mastered by

Sam himself, consisting of layers of bright, sweeping

instrumentation complimented by Nora's delicate yet

brilliant lyrics.

In addition, the duo actively engineers their live

performanes, leaving a long-lasting impression and

contributing to the bracing indie genre, consistently

pushing borders of an ever-expanding bubble.