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Luke Winslow-King is a New Orleans-based slide guitarist, singer, producer, and songwriter. His work is an eclectic mix that combines Mississippi delta blues, folk music, traditional jazz, and roots rock & roll. His original songs blend contemporary ideas with styles from a bygone eras, producing a sound that is both rustic and elegant. This along with his burgundy voice and versatile guitar have earned him a reputation as a musician who can deliver soulfully energetic and dynamic performances.

Luke Winslow King is set to release his 5th solo album on Bloodshot Records in 2016. The album was recorded in Livorno, Italy during the band's 2015 summer tour, and was completed in New Orleans at Parlor Room Studios. Featuring slide guitarist Roberto Luti, Benji Bohannon (drums), Brennan Andes (bass), and keyboardist Mike Lynch, the album is a chaptered tale of woes and an instructional on how to survive true heartbreak. LWK's signature soulful blues and songwriting style remain prevalent while the band explores a more electrified and energetic live sound that has become trademark of their live performances.

Since being named New Orleans' Best Blues Artist by Gambit Magazine in 2015 Luke Winslow-King has toured the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe. He and the band are now planning a more extensive 2016-17 album release world tour.