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Fri 10/07

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“So far, 2016 has been all about transformation and dealing with difficult truths. Casting aside what you thought you wanted for the thing you really need - trust.”

Keeper is a vocal group whose genre is best described as Synth-Soul. With songs written by Yadira Brown and Erin Jantzen, Keeper operates as a trio - adding singer Kate Priestley to round out the live performance. With the ambition to create a uniquely fluid sound, Keeper writes songs that speak of love, desire and, ultimately, learning about oneself. Drawing inspiration from the twists and turns of life, it’s only fitting that Keeper would seek out working relationships with a wide array of producers, to allow for them to float seamlessly through different styles, focusing on their signature vocal blend. Keeper’s journey officially began in 2013 with BoomBaptist (Feelin’ Music) who produced their first two singles Bad Doctor and Happy To Be Sad (featured on Comedy Central’s hit show Broad City).

Keeper teamed up with MoonDoctoR (Freshmoon Records) in early 2014 and what started as a possible EP quickly became a full-length album. Moonhigh was released in the fall of 2015 and spans a number of electronic sub-genres, emits raw feeling and, in true Keeper fashion, features lots (and lots) of harmonies. The first single, Next To Me, perfectly symbolizes the amorous tendencies that Moonhigh represents. From beginning to end this album speaks to listeners on the slippery art of love.

Keeper released Stay, a single produced by El Dusty and featuring Megz Kelli of Austin’s hip-hop outfit Magna Carda in April 2016 followed by another single, You Ain't Hittin, produced by Sines (Santa Muerte Music) in July. You Ain’t Hittin tells the story of a relationship in which one person realizes they’re under- valued and are ready to move on. The tables turn and now the one who broke their heart is begging them to come back, but it's too little, too late. This track signals the shift in mood and tempo leading into Keeper’s upcoming dark, dreamy and downtempo four song EP - Corners. Produced by Bird Peterson, this EP is set to release September 13th.

Keeper has opened for such national touring acts as Glass Animals, Tokimonsta, Young Fathers, Daedalus and MachineDrum and Grammy winning singer-songwriter Anna Wise. Keeper has played Austin festivals SXSW and FunFunFunFest and will be playing ACL Festival on Friday, October 7th 2016.