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"A country pop rookie who can write a chorus like Sia," (PAPER), Ingrid Andress has been chipping away at expectations of herself, and her sound, since she was a young child. Before becoming an Atlantic Records/Warner Music Nashville recording artist, Andress was born into a large family and homeschooled as a child, inspiring the emotional ballad, "More Hearts Than Mine." The personal track follows her first major-label track "Lady Like," which she performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers for her national TV debut less than two months after its release. The "slow-burning anthem of independence" (Rolling Stone) was also applauded by PAPER for the way its "lyrical specificity, moments of self-critical vulnerability and raw vocal gravity makes [country music's] well-worn motifs sound fresh." Declared as "arguably one of the most creative tunesmiths to call Nashville home in recent memory" by CMT, Andress honed her skills writing with heavy hitters in the music community such as Sam Hunt and Alicia Keys. The acclaimed songwriter has also has several co-writer credits to her name, including "Steady 1234" and Charli XCX's "Boys." With a voice praised by The New York Times for being "steady, calm, [and] alive," she will continue to release new music in 2019 that will prove her to be one of the most unique and moving vocalists in the country space and beyond; one that is thrillingly honest, raw and refreshing in a way rarely seen emanating from Music City.