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Sat 10/01

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About Endurance:

Foot-tapping, hand-clapping, down home, happy, feel good, gospel music are emotions invoked when describing traditional gospel quartet music. Houston based Endurance stir up those feelings and more in their heartfelt style of musical delivery.

The 6-time Stellar Award nominated traditional gospel quartet group consists of manager and vocalist Claude Cummings, primary lead vocalist Michael Robertson, vocalist Earl Sampson, and vocalist and newest member, Dave Botts.

Each member has the ability to lead and assumes that role at different times. They are currently in the studio working on their sixth studio CD which promises new material that is very spiritual, uplifting and more versatile in how it sounds and feels. It is intended to appeal to a wider audience. Although the guys are experimenting with some new sounds, fans can be assured that all their songs are always scripturally accurate.