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DAVIE is a true master chef, combining myriad flavors of musical deliciousness, from Prince-ly synth-funk, to Curtis Mayfield-esque Chicago sweet soul magic, to modern leftfield Frank Oceanic waves, to picture perfect, passionate R&B ballads the likes of which would certainly turn the heads of Lionel and Stevie. There's a refreshingly sparse, clean production style at work here that defines the confident and steadfast hand of this young L.A.-based producer/writer/artist.

Last August, DAVIE released his debut EP, Black Gospel Vol. 1, which featured "Testify", a song prominently featured in the Wild Turkey "Sing Our Song" international TV campaign, where DAVIE starred alongside Matthew McConaughey. DAVIE has been touring most of the past year, including multiple runs with Juno Award winning singer-songwriter Ruth B. and more recently with SonReal. There was a flurry of film/TV licensing activity including a spot on the EA Sports Madden NFL 18 soundtrack alongside luminaries Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, and Logic.