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First or last, somewhere you've ashed the cigarette that’s gonna take you down.

cleopatrick are a heavy alt-rock duo from the tiny town of Cobourg, Ontario - yup, the ‘c’ is lowercase.

An ear’s glance recognizes hip hop heavy grooves and takedown breakdowns, but a close look conveys the driving mission of lifelong best friends Luke Gruntz (guitar/vox) and Ian Fraser (drums): to restore the outspoken provocation of real rock music via raw, abrasive honesty. You can call them and their contemporaries the new rock mafia.

Since releasing their sophomore EP the boys across five singles in 2018, cleopatrick have completely independently amassed over 30 million Spotify streams, have been featured on the front cover of Spotify’s massive “Rock This”, played their very first festival stage at Chicago’s iconic Lollapalooza, and recorded a live session at BBC’s legendary Maida Vale Studio 4. Their first international headline tour in late 2018 consisted of 38 dates across UK, Germany, France and USA, and was followed up with a completely sold out 10-date return to Europe in March 2019. In summer 2019, cleopatrick returns to the US including festival appearances at Shaky Knees, Welcome to Rockville, Epicenter, and Sonic Temple.

Major accolades continue to pour in from personalities include Jack Saunders (BBC Radio One), George Strombolopoulous, and Allison Hagendorf (Head of Rock, Spotify) as the band gears up to release their debut record. Tickets for the band’s winter/spring sophomore return to USA are now available (but selling out fast!) at

50 years ago, the term “Rock” was a frenzied, varying, and passionate kind of music that carried honest messages to its audiences by whatever means necessary — Rock was for people that had something to say.

In 2018, it’s really obvious that somewhere along the line, the term lost its meaning. Every time someone refers to cleopatrick as a “Rock” band, it sounds immediately nostalgic, unsurprising, and passé.

That really pisses us off. There’s nothing more discouraging than being put in a box...all because you’re holding a Les Paul. That’s why we admire hip hop so deeply - because in so many ways it truly is the new rock. It’s constantly evolving, it’s raw, aggressive, and pure. It’s everything rock used to be.

So in our juvenile frustration, we bluntly say: fuck whatever you think rock is, because we’re about to change it all. Us and anyone who wants to come along, that is.