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Cherry Glazerr is a LA based, genre-bending rock trio, and the brainchild of guitarist/lyricist Clementine Creevy, who began creating music when she started the band in high school. With searing guitar riffs, catchy vocal melodies, cynical, witty lyrics, and tight drums, Cherry Glazerr has been on the rise in the rock scene since the release of 2017's "Apocalipstick," co-produced by Carlos De La Garza and Joe Chicarelli.

In 2018, the band announced "Stuffed & Ready," an album with Creevy as a songwriter newly strengthened by coming to terms with her own uncertainty, confusion & anger. "With Apocalipstick I was an over-confident teenager trying to solve the worlds problems. With Stuffed & Ready, I'm a much more weary & perhaps cynical woman who believes you need to figure your own self out first." Each song had to speak for itself, if it didn't, they'd scrap it. She made the album by eliminating anything that couldn't answer the question: "Is this really me?" The result is their most daring music yet. "It felt like I was being more vulnerable than I wanted to be," she says. "I've been feeling the need to explain my feelings, and search for why I feel the way I do. This is what separates this from Apocalipstick. I'm trying to stop myself from obfuscation and writing with intent." Creevy has always wanted to make music that connects with people, she says. On Apocalipstick, she did that by telling them her thoughts. On Stuffed & Ready, she's showing them who she is.