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Sat 10/05

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Steeping the rootless poetics of his hero Townes Van Zandt in the sweat of the basement sets and house parties where he was eventually discovered and signed, Briston Maroney emanates an "invigorating vibe" (NPR), unwavering whether he's performing for hundreds or completely alone. His last EP, Carnival, has amassed millions of streams. His newest EP, Indiana, which was recorded in rural Kentucky's Thunder Sound studio, is about defogging the haze of dual upbringings in Knoxville and Amelia Island. Indiana presents a new beginning for the 21-year-old finally finding his footing in Nashville. Throughout the four tracks, Maroney meditates on the sobering disparities between adolescent dreams and adult realities. In what quickly became the most fleeting, restless point of his life, he dropped out of college, floundered back to one of his homes - a story recounted in the heartrending "St. Augustine" - but returned to Nashville with some of the most visceral and vulnerable rock n roll coming out of the city's DIY scene.