Two years ago, Jose González performed at Austin City Limits Festival with his other project, Junip. This year, the Swedish singer-songwriter will return to the fest for a set as a solo artist. He’s touring behind a recent album and a brand new EP, which just dropped this week. González’s music reflects a focused quietude […]


This weekend’s #ACLFest jams brought to you by… Whenever any true Austinite needs to make Friday night plans, they know exactly where to look – Do512. This comprehensive site lets you know everything (and we mean everything) that is going on in Austin on any given day, from concerts to plays to free events and […]


Austin dark wave band Knifight couples heavy, ominous synths with infectious melodies to create songs both frightening and lovely. John Gable’s baritone vocals act as a powerful instrument among the other band members’ guitars, keys, and propulsive drums. This five-piece are men of few words who prefer to let their penetrating sounds do the talking. […]


Donned in an austere, dark wardrobe as they dance in front of an ever-shifting projection of captivating imagery, Night Drive is so much more than just a dark synth pop band. This group, comprised of core members Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon—with the recent addition of drummer Gibran Nassif—deliver a totally unified performance that appeal […]


This weekend’s #ACLFest jams brought to you by…Kerbey Lane! Any Austinite who has ever been hungry late at night knows Kerbey Lane Cafe. Whether your midnight craving happens to be their famous Kerbey Queso, Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, or just an old-fashioned Chicken Fried Steak, this local legend is here to satisfy your dining needs 24 […]


To kick off our partner playlist series, we caught up with ByGeorge – Austin’s iconic style mecca – for a handpicked track list featuring their favorite artists heading to Zilker Park next month. From Drake’s cutting edge blend of R&B with a touch of rap and Run The Jewels’ killer beats with quick, thoughtful wordplay […]


Mother Falcon describes a band just as majestic as you’d expect. This full-on orchestra of between 10 and 15 musicians, depending on the gig, came up in the local clubs and venues right here in Austin. Picture both the stage and the room packed as fans pump their fists along to violin, cello, accordion, trumpet, […]


Houndmouth has one of those legendary stories where a record exec saw them perform in a bar during SXSW and the rest is history. In this case, the exec happened to be Geoff Travis, head of one of independent music’s most lauded labels, Rough Trade, once home to bands like The Smiths and The Buzzcocks. […]


Iconic artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and The Beach Boys may have put Capitol Studios on the map, but now it’s Alabama Shakes’ turn to continue the tradition of filling the gorgeous Capitol Studios space with a sound that’s just as beautiful. The band recorded a full session in Capitol Records’ Studio A […]