10 Things All Austin Area College Students Know

1. Arriving to class drenched in sweat from a 5 minute walk.

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2. Trailer parks aren’t where people live, they’re where you find the best food.

food truck
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3. The squirrels are not afraid of you.

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4. You can go to a concert every night of the week!

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5. Football, football, football.

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6. But people are equally passionate about recycling, recycling, recycling.

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7. Late night Whataburger gives you life.

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8. When you go home and you’re confused by the question “Paper or Plastic?” at a grocery store.

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9. Waiting all year to spin under the Zilker Tree and visit the Trail of Lights.

trail of lights
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10. You thought you didn’t have allergies until you moved to Austin.

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