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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the new MyACL technology available on aclfestival.com! Creating a MyACL Account is the best way to prepare, learn and get updates about every aspect of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. When you have a MyACL Account, you save items you care about and we let you know when there has been a change, update or special offer.

Enjoy customizing your ACL Festival experience, feel free to compare and share with friends and don’t hesitate to + ADD artists, set times, vendors, blog posts, etc. if you want to get special offers & updates for anything and everything happening at Zilker Park!

In fact, you should + ADD this Blog Post and, the next time you visit us, we’ll let you know if anything changes with MyACL!

1. for your MyACL
2. Customize Artists, Set Times, Food, Art, Cares, AKL, Vendors & More to create your perfect ACL Festival Weekend
3. Share your customized MyACL Festival to Facebook or Twitter

I have a question that wasn't answered here. What now?

No problem, contact us at info@aclfestival.com and we'll help you out!

Where is my old Custom Lineup or Schedule?

If you created a Custom Schedule or Custom Lineup on aclfestival.com before September 2013, your account has been deactivated and you will need to create a new MyACL Account. Creating a MyACL Account is just as easy before, if not easier!

You can hit any of our Sign Up or Sign In links on throughout aclfestival.com. Also, the minute you decide you want to customize your ACL Festival experience, you will be prompted to Sign Up or Sign In to your MyACL Account. We recommend Connecting With Facebook so that you can compare and share your ideal festival weekend with your Facebook friends. If you're not into Facebook, you can just use your e-mail address.

How is MyACL different than my old Custom Lineup or Schedule?

Unlike years past, you can now customize every aspect of our festival experience. You can still add bands to your Custom Lineup and create a Custom Schedule, but now you can also add Austin Eats food vendors, artisans from the Art Market, organizations from ACL Cares or sponsor activations throughout the park.

Not only that, when you add these items to your MyACL Festival, the next time you return to the website, we'll let you know if something has been updated, changed or announced. If a band comes out with a new music video, a food vendor comes out with a new flavor or art market vendor runs a giveaway — we'll let you know! Or lets say a band cancels their set or an aftershow's start time changes — if you added that item to your MyACL Festival, we'll let you know that something has changed every time you return to the website!

Why do I need to create a MyACL Account?

Creating a MyACL Account is the best way to prepare, learn and get updates about every aspect of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. When you have a MyACL Account, you save items you care about and we let you know when there has been a change, update or giveaway.

We will also use it to let you know about Souvenir Secret Sale dates, on-sale dates, schedule changes and anything else we feel like you NEED to know! It's as much customization as you want. If you only care about one band, add that one band to you MyACL Festival and we'll only update you on that one band.

What happens if I don't create a MyACL Account?

You can continue to use the entire website, listen to the music player, learn about bands, see when they are playing, participate in contests and all that without ever interacting with MyACL. But you'd be missing out. Signing up for MyACL enables you to customize and compare your ideal festival weekend, as well as keeps you most up-to-date with what's happening with every aspect of Zilker Park during both weekends. Signing up for MyACL does not sign you up for our e-mail list.

And signing up for MyACL doesn't mean we bug you with unwanted updates, you customize as much as you want to.

What all can I "add" to MyACL?

Anything that has a "+" or "+ ADD" button. That means, Bands on the Lineup Page or individual Artist Pages, Set Times from the Schedule Page, Vendors appearing on-site at the Festival (Austin Eats, Art Market, ACL Cares, Sponsor Activations) and any Blog Posts that appear on our Homepage (ticket updates, weekly playlists, special contests and giveaways, etc). Keep an eye out for the "+" or "+ ADD" and make sure to click that button to stay updated with special notifications when you return to aclfestival.com.

What happens once I "add" something to MyACL?

Once you "+" or "+ ADD" button something to MyACL, you will see the brown bar on the left light up. That means your item has successfully been added to your MyACL Festival. From now on, you will receive a special notification about that item every time you return to aclfestival.com. So, let's say it's a Contest Blog Post, we'll update you when it's almost over and/or when we announce the winner. Or maybe it's a Set Time from the Schedule, we'll let you know if that set time moves or gets canceled.

You can always remove something from MyACL as quickly as you can add it, just look out for the "-" or "- REMOVE" button.

You can view everything you've ever added to MyACL on your My Festival Page. The quickest way to get there is click your icon at the top-right of the brown bar.

What is the deal with the Music Player?

The music player is a collection of Soundcloud tracks from artists appearing at ACL Festival. It will stream continuously as you navigate throughout different pages of the website. You can activate the player without being signed into MyACL, either by clicking the play button on the left side of this page, on the Lineup or Schedule Page or any Band's Page.

We chose Soundcloud to source all music tracks so that the artists could decide what music they wanted to share and so you wouldn't have to create any other accounts to listen to it. As more artists add tracks to Soundcloud, we'll add them to aclfestival.com.

What is the difference between the "E-list" and "MyACL"?

MyACL is how you customize your entire ACL Festival experience. It is how you create a Custom Schedule, Custom Lineup and Custom Festival — anything you add, will be added to your customized MyACL Festival on aclfestival.com. If you wish to receive e-mail updates direct to your e-mail Inbox, you can sign up for our E-list on our Connect Page.

I don't want my information public, what can I do?

Head to the MyACL Account Page (located in the bottom-right of the footer) and click the "Make Your Festival Private..." button.

Where can I find legal and privacy info?

You can find that info at our Legal & Privacy Page or our Terms & Conditions Page.