Must See Music Videos

There is never a shortage of interesting things to talk about when it comes to the lives of artists who’ve performed at Austin City Limits Music Festival. For example, Coldplay, HAIM, & QOTSA have all recently released cutting edge music videos.

Coldplay has turned heads with their recently released single, “Midnight” and a subsequent music video for the song. Complete with a trance break, music critics are wondering if this is too far of a departure from Coldplay’s usual sound to be successful. Bottom line is, the cold, dark tune is very easy on the ears, if you’re into that sort of thing.

HAIM is going all American Bandstand/Calvin Klein Ad – according to Kory Grow from Rolling Stone. The video’s clearly vintage images and motifs really bring the song’s classic pop vibe to life with dynamic effect. Off of their Days are Gone LP, “If I Could Change Your Mind” pays serious homage to the 80’s, complete with its choreographed dance breaks and the like. All-in-all this is an infectious song and music video…. So… Enjoy.

Queens of The Stone Age has gone full-interactive with its, “Vampyre of Time and Memory” music video. The super rock group has now joined the wave of recent innovators (including Bob Dylan) that are making a foray into ‘interactive’ music videos. This somewhat brooding song, and its rustic charm, make for an interesting music video in and of itself, but click here for the full interactive experience.

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