2014 Volunteer

Volunteering for the Austin City Limits Music Festival gives you the chance to help present one of Austin’s most iconic events and to enjoy the Festival as a fan. On this page you can learn more about the volunteer policies, perks and the different roles volunteers play at the Festival.

In what has become a rite of Fall in Austin since 2002, the Austin City Limits Music Festival brings music lovers together for three days of unforgettable music and an unmistakable Austin vibe. A celebration of music, arts, food, and fun, the Festival, which expanded to two weekends in 2013, will land in Zilker Park on October 3-5 and October 10-12, 2014. The event hosts about 75,000 patrons a day and more than 130 bands.

Email questions to volunteer@aclfestival.com.



  1. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old as of October 3, 2014.
  2. Volunteer roles include no monetary compensation.
  3. All volunteers must live in the Greater Austin Area (Georgetown to San Marcos/40-mile radius of Austin). There are no exceptions to this policy.
  4. Volunteers must pay the 2014 $10 application fee and enter the order number as part of the application. Applications that do not include the fee order number will not be reviewed.
  5. The volunteer application fee is nonrefundable, regardless of whether an applicant is selected to volunteer or not.
  6. Failure to perform duties as expected/required may result in dismissal from the Volunteer Program and will affect future placement in the program.
  7. A volunteer must complete the Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory manner (i.e., reporting on time for all shifts, staying the entire shift, wearing assigned volunteer identification during shifts and respecting other volunteers, staff, performers, and patrons of the festival).
  8. Use of alcohol and/or controlled substances before or while on duty is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to immediate dismissal from the Volunteer Program.
  9. Missing an assigned shift or shifts (or not completing a shift) will jeopardize participation as an ACL volunteer in the future. Note: Every selected volunteer will be given a chance to back out of their assignment prior to the event.


The biggest perk is free entry into the festival each day you have a shift! After your volunteer shift, you are free to enjoy the event. If your shift begins in the afternoon or evening, you can check in early to receive your credential and enjoy the Festival. YOU MUST still return to the Volunteer Grove at your designated call time, or you will be counted as a no-show.

You’ll get a limited edition volunteer t-shirt to wear while you’re on shift and to keep as a memento of your contribution to the Festival. We’ll provide water (think green and bring a refillable bottle or use one bottled water and refill it from the free stations in the park).

Last but not least, you’ll be part of a team that’s putting on a one-of-a-kind event. It’s a fun way to meet people with shared interests and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you were a big part of making the festival happen.



Availability: We give priority to volunteers who are available for a shift each day of the festival (all three days). A typical shift is 4 hours each day during the festival show days October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12, 2014.

Shift Times: We select volunteers who are flexible with their schedule and can work shifts at various times each day (each team usually has a morning, afternoon, and evening shift). Most volunteers will be assigned a shift that includes an evening shift on one day.

All volunteer positions focus on patron services and are “front of house” roles. We do not have backstage, VIP, medical, or production positions for volunteers. Applicants should sign up for more than one team, but usually volunteers are assigned to one team throughout the weekend. Some teams have special requirements, so be sure to read the full program overview for more details.



View a more detailed description of each team, along with the requirements.


Your role is to help make sure that all music lovers have access to the Festival experience. The Access Team for fans with mobility limitations has two types of Access volunteers: those working in the Access Center and those in assigned spots in the field (at viewing platforms for patrons with mobility limitations). Volunteers must be courteous, friendly, and welcoming to patrons with disabilities. Some duties include handing out maps with designated viewing platforms to patrons visiting the Access Center, welcoming patrons with disabilities to the viewing areas, issuing Access wristbands, answering questions, etc. You must have proven experience interacting with people with disabilities, preferably in a professional capacity.

There is also a team for fans who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. These volunteers will be posted in the Access Center or Deaf/ Hard of Hearing viewing areas to help communicate details about the program. Must be friendly, courteous and know conversational ASL. Duties include handing out maps to the viewing areas and schedules of the ASL interpreted acts, issuing wristbands for entry to the area for fans who are Deaf/ HOH plus one guest, and generally welcoming fans to the viewing areas. You must have proven experience interacting with people who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing, preferably in a professional capacity.


The backup team is the “go to" crew, stationed in Volunteer Grove. You never know what kind of issue may arise at an event like this, so we need a backup team to help with spontaneous tasks at hand. Past duties have included assisting during a weather-related evacuation of the park, passing out water to fans in line, and helping other teams in need of support.

Sometimes you might just sit around awaiting an assignment; sometimes you’ll be constantly on the go assisting with whatever is needed throughout your shift. Bring a positive attitude and a willingness to do just about anything— fill in to buffer a team, make deliveries, etc. You’re on a fun team - anything can happen!


The box office team is key to making the festival experience positive right from the start. Stationed at and near the box office, this team will help direct patrons to the correct lines at the box office, answer general questions, and help patrons along so that lines move quickly and smoothly. You are the face of the festival and must be OUTGOING, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Great way to interact with fans from all over the country. The Box Office is an important element of the patron experience and sets the tone for their weekend at ACL Festival. You must be able to answer questions, quickly adjust to changes, and help identify problem areas. You might even have to speak on a megaphone.


In 2013, ACLMF diverted 68% of the Festival’s waste by volume from the landfill, thanks in no small part to this team. We aim to increase the diversion rate every year. Divert It! volunteers are key to the success of the front-of-house composting system. This team will have specialized duties in the field, such as helping patrons put their waste, recyclables, and compostables in the correct bins, and educating fans about the Festival’s environmental initiatives. Have fun interacting with and educating patrons! Your work will have direct, measurable results by reducing landfill and increasing the festival’s recycling and composting collection.

Divert It! team volunteers will help promote the green message by answering general questions on the Festival's environmental initiatives and promoting the Rock & Recycle rewards program. The Divert It! team will also keep an eye out on the grounds to help identify areas that need attention (overflowing recycle bins, for example).


Water stations made their debut in 2010, and they were a huge hit. In tented water stations throughout the park, volunteers will serve patrons free, filtered, cool water from special spigots.

These stations are a huge step in helping green the festival through waste prevention. In 2013, we poured over 497,000 bottles of water, bringing the four year total to 1,214,492 bottles! Patrons love the water stations, especially on a hot day in Austin, and are enthusiastic and grateful in thanking volunteers. Most of the water stations are near stages, too, so you'll hear music throughout your shift!


Greeters are posted near the Festival entrances or at designated spots. Your role is to meet, greet and help along thousands of fans. You might be one of the first volunteers that our patrons meet and must be outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Great way to interact with fans from all over the country. Typically you’ll work in a team of two.

You’ll answer any questions from patrons and help them on their way into the festival or direct them to the Box Office. You’ll carry a tall sign that says “Fest Info—Ask Me” so patrons can quickly find you. Other duties might include helping direct patrons to the right lines. Fans have many questions as they enter the Festival, so this team needs to study the festival FAQs, allowed and prohibited items, etc.


Your role is to help patrons by answering questions—from directing them to stages, to finding the food courts, to finding the nearest ATM. You are the face of the festival and must be friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Great way to interact with fans from all over the country. A plus is being familiar with nearby Austin landmarks, streets, public transportation systems, etc. Positions are in one of two booths near the entrances to the festival. Fun way to meet and help fans along their way.

Info booths include lost and found; you’ll keep lost items organized and help identify and return items to their owners who visit the booth looking for a lost item. The fans will be so happy and grateful. This role rewards you with the great feeling you’ll have when you reunite fans with their lost items!

A portion of the Information team will also assist patrons to register their wristbands for special giveaways and social media updates.

At the festival, you’ll have maps, programs and signage for reference, but you have to be able to quickly answer basic questions, so before the festival you need to study the festival website and become familiar with all of the elements.


The festival is family-friendly and Kiddie Limits is an area dedicated to our youngest fans. Kids Activities volunteer team members help set up the area and assist with various activities as directed. It’s a fun area that even includes a stage. The Tag-A-Kid team places wristbands on youngsters to help connect them with their parents in case they get lost, assist with various kids’ activities as needed, and answers general questions regarding the Kiddie Limits area.

Volunteers must enjoy working with children and be friendly, positive and able to interact professionally with both parents and children. Selected volunteers must have proven experience interacting with children in a responsible role. Teachers or students specializing in childhood education, especially, are encouraged to apply.


This team will help run the Media check-in tent and complete other duties as assigned. The media tent is a lively, shaded area full of media representatives from across the country and around the world, from local newspapers to music magazines to television crews--all getting the scoop on the Festival. Volunteers must be professional, friendly, helpful and organized. This is a special team requiring the highest caliber of volunteers to represent the Festival and is especially suited to journalism or public relations majors.


Your role is to welcome fans as they enter, and hand them a program. It’s that simple. You’ll be stationed inside the entrances to the festival to hand out programs.

This team greets all fans so you must be friendly, welcoming, and vocal if necessary (“Free programs here!”) to set a positive tone for an exciting weekend. Great spot for people-watching and interacting briefly with fans from around the country. Programs are highly desirable (they have maps and schedules), so fans will welcome them.


This team helps ensure that festival patrons are aware of efforts to recycle and encourages ACL fans to participate. You’ll have a base in one of four Rock & Recycle Centers, handing out special bags for patrons to fill with designated recyclables. Patrons returning filled bags will earn a free collectible t-shirt. This is a very popular program and the Festival is fortunate to have so many fans who participate.

Rock & Recycle volunteers take filled bags, tie them off, and place them in a designated area next to the booth, so light lifting is required. Volunteers also will help spread news about the Rock & Recycle program and answer general questions about the festival’s greening initiatives.


Volunteer Grove is the first stop for volunteers! You’ll greet volunteers checking in for their shifts and facilitate the process of getting all paperwork signed, volunteer wristbands distributed, etc. The goal is to quickly get the volunteers checked in and on their way!

Other duties include volunteer t-shirt distribution, answering general questions, keeping the area clean and organized, and replenishing supplies, etc. There could be some light lifting. We need outgoing candidates who are friendly and welcoming to volunteers; must be detail oriented, professional and able to focus on the task at hand.



Volunteers are assigned to a team and earn a pass for the day of their shift. Each volunteer will receive an online orientation prior to the Festival in order to be trained and prepared for the shift(s).

Note: Please copy and paste the links below into your browser’s search area if needed.

  1. Pay the Application Fee: Pay the $10 volunteer application processing fee. Go to: http://bit.ly/14aclvolfee. The fee is a nonrefundable processing fee for all applicants, regardless of whether you were chosen as an ACL volunteer previously. After paying the fee online, you’ll receive an email with your confirmation/order number. Have this order number handy because you’ll need it for the application. Note: payment plan option is not applicable for volunteer applicants. In order to be considered for the volunteer program, be sure to pay the full $10 fee.
  2. Sign in or create a user name and password. (Returning volunteers can update contact info, sign up for teams/shifts, etc., by visiting the link above or http://www.myvolunteerpage.com/. If you’ve forgotten your username and password, follow the instructions or email volunteer@aclfestival.com. Do not create a new record.
  3. Fill out the “Basic Info” and “Additional Info.”
  4. Sign up for shifts in the “Sign-Up” tab and SAVE. Remember, the more shifts and times you are willing to work, the more likely you are to be selected as a volunteer. We want you to be happy with your team and shifts and will do our best to assign you to a team and shifts requested by you, but please be flexible with your assignments.

Email any questions to volunteer@aclfestival.com.

Thanks for your interest!