Rock Star Video Karaoke


Calling all Rock Stars! Pick a song and grab some props to rock out as your favorite star. Stand in front of a green screen and sing to the camera. Then take home a recording of your video and share with all your friends!
Arts+Labor, one of Austin's top film companies, will produce and shoot a full green-screen recording set for kids to come dress up in the costume of their choice, and sing their favorite song on a Karaoke set. Each kid will be filmed while performing and receive a FREE DVD of their performance, on the spot! It's all FREE.

Arts+Labor is a creative content community based in Austin, Texas. Our production studio is home to writers, directors, producers, designers, animators, editors, musicians, sound designers, and developers with a passion for storytelling in every medium... from branded content, commercial campaigns, websites and apps to documentaries, features, and short films that have gone to the Sundance, SXSW, Cannes, and Venice film festivals.