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Nostalghia music is best described in palate form— a vulnerable outpour of an elemental, emotional landscape married to a cinema of sound, birthing what is now coined by fans as "post-apocalyptic gypsy punk."

The vulnerable-behind-the-veil, intimate and yet expansive sound of Nostalghia draws comparisons to artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Bjork, yet it is unique unto itself.
On recording and in a live-setting, Nostalghia transports it’s audience into a cathartic dimension; it is a journey that not only leads its audience into a spiritual state of feeling, intensity, and passion, but also directly into the face of the unknown.
Across Los Angeles, buzz is building around the performative artistry of this three-piece musical vision.

Nostalghia, through word of mouth alone, is now packing venues and creating an eager amount of excitement for it's growing fan-base. In September 2012, the band was even selected to open for Serj Tankian (System of a Down) at Club Nokia, where they put on a captivating show that left audiences, once more, breathless.

With a new album mixed by multi-platinum producer and mixer Dave Fortman on the way, and an undeniable personal connection with fans, the future burns bright for Nostalghia.