Marc Scibilia




If you were bold, you could say Marc Scibilia’s work the realization of an American dream, one that spans multiple generations, numerous cities and multifarious influences. But let’s start smaller: his EP The Shape I’m In is a strong opening statement from a charismatic singer who’s a little hard to pin down. At heart, Scibilia is a New York-born, American singer-songwriter with a little Nashville flair (that’s East Nashville, mind you. Think the sweatier, grittier side of town). And one helluva backstory. It’s a story that dates back before the singer was even born. “My grandfather grew up playing bass in a pit orchestra,” says Marc. Music ran in the Scibilia family. His father also played in a band — and his brother is a musician as well. Given that history, it’s easy to understand Scibilia’s early musical aspirations whether on the road or in the studio, as he is now with Butch Walker. The next chapter of this story is Marc’s to write.