Broken Bells




Following last week's release, Broken Bells' After the Disco (Columbia) has debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart (#3 in Canada) with nearly 45,000 copies sold. This news comes after the band claimed the #1 slot on the iTunes Top Albums chart on the day of After the Disco's release. James Mercer and Brian Burton's sophomore album has already garnered widespread praise from critics and fans, putting it squarely in the running for one of 2014's best albums.

"They don't flaunt their cleverness; they let a listener discover it after the songs sink in‚" said THE NEW YORK TIMES.

"We have Danger Mouse working with us," said the singer. "He's a great soul and beautiful dude and the [Broken Bells] album is pretty amazing. [It's got] extraordinary, melancholy melodies. As a singer, let me say: This boy [James Mercer] really knows how to be truthful in the telling of the lyrics he writes. There's something about his voice that is very compelling. The kid's a star!" (Bono speaking to Rolling Stone)