My Jerusalem + Transistor Six

To bring you even more great music from a handful of 2013 ACL Artists, we’ve asked our friends over at Transistor Six to share a few of the unique performances they’ve captured with a select group of bands on this year’s lineup. Read more about My Jersualem from the Transistor team and watch the awesome video performance of “Sweet Chariot.” You also won’t want to miss their fun pre-ACL Q+A and autographed vinyl giveaway!

2012 My Jerusalem portrait courtesy of Transistor Six

It was such a pleasure to have My Jerusalem gracing our presence in the afternoon at Frank at 4th and Colorado almost a year and a half ago. Much has changed in that time including some world tours with some amazing artists like X, Peter Murphy, Sting, The Wallflowers, Heartless Bastards and many others. They also have a new line up since we did this film and photo set. The line up is now Jeff Klein, Jon Merz, Grant Van Amburgh and Kyle Robarge.

We had a great time hanging out at the bar and getting a different type of session that was unplugged and acoustic. We did a Super 8 film shoot for their sweet track, “Sweet Chariot” from their last record, Gone for Good. We also recorded a great set of songs live on stage which was a really nice surprise for unsuspecting people who just happened to wander in to Frank for a mid-day drink or bite to eat.

We caught up with Jeff and got him to answer some questions for us in advance of playing the ACL Fest this year. Check out his creatively handwritten answers and adjective-filled doodle below. Also be sure to enter to win one of three signed vinyl copies of Preachers which Jeff says slays anything they did before.

“Sweet Chariot”

Recorded live at Frank in Austin, Texas.



Want to be one of three lucky fans to win an autographed vinyl copy of Preachers? Full details here!