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Sun, Oct. 6th | 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Zilker Tent Stage

Sun, Oct. 13th | 1:30 - 2:30 PM

Zilker Tent Stage

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"Alfreda, Ann, Deborah and Regina are arguably Nashville’s greatest soul sisters." (Robert K. Oermann/Music Row magazine)

Nashville, TN - McC Records proudly announces the release of the McCRARY SISTERS (Ann, Deborah, Regina and Alfreda) "ALL THE WAY" on APRIL 30, 2013, the follow-up to their 2011 debut CD "Our Journey" . Produced by Kevin McKendree & Tommy Sims, the album's 12 tracks include 10 McCrary Sister originals plus stunning re-imaginings of Tom Hambridge/Gary Nicholson's "Skin Deep" and Bonnie Bishop/Jimmy Wallace's "Right Where You Are". Joining the McCRARY SISTERS on "ALL THE WAY" are Rob McNelley/Akil Thompson/Tommy Sims (lead guitar), Kevin McKendree/DeMarco Johnson/Jeremy Nixon (keyboards), Dwan Hill (organ), Quentin Ware (trumpet), Dana Robbins (saxophone), Steve Mackey/Anton Nesbitt/Tommy Sims (bass), Derrick Phillips (drums).

The songs on "ALL THE WAY" tell of the continuation of the McCrary Sisters' journey. Gospel/soul/funk/R&B, however you want to define it, the McCrary Sisters' songs "tell of loving & living life, and keeping a positive attitude through all that life brings. The opening track, 'COME ON', invites you to join us on this journey. Even when one is having a hard time, we can learn to 'LET IT GO', and live 'RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE', because 'YOU CAN MAKE IT', you've got 'VICTORY'. So get on this 'TRAIN' with us, and go 'ALL THE WAY." (Ann McCrary)

The McCrary Sisters' critically-acclaimed debut release "Our Journey" made many Top 10 lists -- "a varied set of originals and covers that serve up glorious gospel transcendence." (Nick Cristiano/Philadelphia Inquirer). In 2012, the Sisters performed with Dr. John & Dan Auerbach and appear on Dr. John's Grammy-winning "Locked Down" CD. They also sang with Bob Dylan at his August 26 Concert in Cincinnati.

For The McCrary Sisters, the daughters of the late Rev. Samuel McCrary -- one of the original members of the legendary gospel quartet The Fairfield Four, music is a birthright, a lifelong love affair, a sometimes career, an indescribable joy, and occasionally, a cross to bear.

Regina, Ann, and Alfreda have performed in musical theater as well, and recorded with country music greats like Johnny Cash, and Wynona Judd. The sisters' list of recording sessions, and long association with Bobby Jones TV show spans genres and generations. They have recently added their unique blend of vocals to recording projects for blues greats Robert Randolph and Jonny Lang and with country artists Eric Church for CMT 2012 Artist of the Year Awards Show. Other performances have included 2011,2012 Americana Music Festival shows as well as sessions for the hit TV show Nashville.

Like her sisters, Deborah has been singing her whole life. In her early teens, she sang in the multi-Grammy-nominated BCM Mass Choir, performed "Everything Is Beautiful" with Ray Stevens, at Madison Square Garden sang with Elvis Presley, and performed with Isaac Hayes on Dinah Shore's TV show. Recently, she's been focusing on performing with her sisters, both as backup singers in various sessions and headlining as the McCrary Sisters. Ann and Regina McCrary: were featured on "Universal United House of Prayer", by Buddy Miller, were featured vocalists on Patty Griffin's acclaimed gospel project "Downtown Church" recorded at Nashville's downtown Presbyterian Church, and sang background vocals on Ray Stevens' classic "Everything Is Beautiful."

While bloodlines and resumes are all well and good, nothing can prepare you for the experience of hearing the McCrary Sisters live, though "ALL THE WAY" may be the next best thing. No words can describe the power, and passion and pure soulfulness of the McCrary Sisters--Ann, Deborah, Regina, and Alfreda. Hear them once, and you will never be the same.