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Sun, Oct. 6th | 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Zilker Tent Stage

Sun, Oct. 13th | 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Zilker Tent Stage

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The Durdens are, bottom row: Larry Durden / Judy Durden and left top row: Christy Johnson / Debra Cavanaugh / Sharon Durden. Additional band members include: Albert C. Durden III (mgr / guitarist / keyboards), Anthony Durden (bass) and Antuon Durden (drummer). All band members are siblings that are comprised of five brothers and six sisters of the late Bishop Albert Durden Sr. and Elect Lady Ruby F. Durden. The Durdens are a family with deep Apostolic influences and a relentless love for Jesus Christ. Aside from their musical passion, they base their spiritual duty to build the kingdom of God and spread the Gospel from their local church in Austin, Texas at “Deliverance Temple In Jesus’ Name – 1006 W Koenig Ln.” under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Larry Durden and Evangelist Judy Durden. Their mother still resides as Co-Founder and First Lady. To their success, the Durdens has been performing and touring twenty-seven years that really shines on the stage, in their songwriting, experiences, and in their recordings. Their dynamic musicianship and captivating songs has lead the band to be voted “Best Gospel Talent” in Austin and the Central Texas region.

Promoting their second self released CD, God Sent Me An Angel, the Durdens have shared the stage with national artist, The Gospel Keynotes, Carnell Morrell, Canton Spirituals, as well as other national artist. The Durden have toured to various distances promoting the Word of God in California, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. The “God Sent Me An Angel” CD is currently receiving airplay throughout the country, i.e., Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Texas Virginia, Alabama and more.

With their most recent released CD, New Day, the Durdens composes a unique element of traditional gospel with a moderate mix of pop culture, rock and contemporary gospel music that provides each song with shape and substance from real life experiences. This makes their CD a definite for all. The Durden marketing strategy is part of the best grassroots marketing opportunity available through magazine advertisement, CD sampling, Internet and lots of word of mouth and radio exposure. The Durdens have been affiliates of the Gospel Truth magazine (GTM) marketing since 2000 with positive results. GTM have over 100,000 reader and listeners including 5,000 radio subscribers, 15,000 retail outlets, 3000 churches, salons and barbershops.