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Sun, Oct. 6th | 6:00 - 7:00 PM

BMI Stage

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"There are two kinds of people in Texas - those that got West Texas Dust, and those that got East Texas Rust. You got both of 'em!" - Doug Sahm to Kevin Russell

Hey, we all know Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell is a loose cannon. How else to explain covers of R. Kelly's ï¿1Ž2Feelinï¿1Ž2 on Yo Booty,ï¿1Ž2 and Elvis Costello's Indoor Fireworks" in the same night. Most folks who follow such things consider his outfit, The Gourds, one of the best live bands in the land, in large part because of Russell's brazen eccentricites and creative syntax.

However, the most overlooked thing about Russell is that when he plays it straight - as he does for most of his new Shinyribs record Well After Awhile - the man can produce some of the funkiest and most beautiful roots music on the planet. It's not to say the "psycholiteranaut w/8 AA batteries-tweed facade-equal parts Waylon Jennings,Robert Rauschenberg and Harvey Korman" (to quote his Twitter feed) doesn't dig into his bag of twistedness here (witness "Poor People's Store"). But a listen to the straight-up duet "Shores Of Gallilee" (with Sally Allen), the sweet quasi-fable "Who Built The Moon," or the intimate cover of Sam Cooke's "Change Gonna Come" that closes the record, shows that even when Russell puts aside some of the tricks, he delivers grade-A Country Soul.