Pacha Massive



At the Fest

Fri, Oct. 4th | 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Zilker Tent Stage

Fri, Oct. 11th | 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Zilker Tent Stage

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Performing Both Weekends

New York City’s Pacha Massive is currently recording their new album, the followup to ‘If You Want It,’ and the group’s critically-acclaimed debut ‘All Good Things.’ The album brings Pacha’s signature funky bilingual fusion of dub and electronica with Latin rhythms like cumbia and palo.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Nova was immersed in traditional rhythms like cumbia, merengue and palo. But it is his life in New York City that has largely shaped the sounds on ‘If You Want It.’ “While those Dominican rhythms are part of what flows through my veins and what I channel through my music,” Nova says. “Nothing is like good old NYC. Every culture is in your face and you get a taste of all of them.”
“It’s easy to feel like a global citizen in the capital of the world, and that crosses right into our music. When it comes to experimenting with sounds and ideas, I feel a sort of freedom that you don't have to be tied down to any style or any label, anything goes; traditional and non traditional, roots or progressive.”

Being part of such a diverse musical community has allowed Nova to work with a variety of artists on his albums. As with ‘All Good Things,’ Nova recruited several female vocalists to join him on the new album. Monica Rodriguez from the New York City based band Zigmat is featured on the tracks “If You Want It,” “Lejos Cerca,” and “Tonight.” Mexican chanteuse Sara Valenzuela sings on “Thinking About You” and Liz Wright from Los Angeles’ Love Grenades is on “Take The Wheel.” To round it off, Yasi Baby recorded vocals for the tracks “To The Top.”

“I like to work with anyone that's interesting and has that good vibe,” Nova explains. “I don’t have a formula to decide who is good for what song; it is just a matter of experimenting until something clicks.”

With the release of ‘All Good Things,’ Pacha Massive was chosen as MTV Tr3s’ first “Descubre and Download” artist, helping the group develop a devoted national following. The album received heavy airplay on tastemaker public radio stations like KCRW, KEXP, and KUT. Several songs were also featured in a variety of placements from NBC “Las Vegas” to FIFA Soccer and a national Target campaign.

Following the tremendous response to their debut album, Pacha Massive took their sound from New York City across the country (from Boston to Portland, Oregon) and the world (from Colombia to Turkey). “Each stop has its own unique memory but going to certain places for the first time and immediately packing the venue, like in Bogota or the Ford Amphitheater in LA, were certainly memorable milestones,” Nova says. “Touring to such a foreign place like Turkey and having fans singing along and shouting out in Spanish and English definitely sticks out too.”

The universality of Pacha’s overall message and vibe is a common theme that runs from ‘All Good Things’ to ‘If You Want It.’ “It was especially humbling for me to see our music have such a positive impact on people’s lives when we were touring across the globe,” Nova explains. “It inspired me to want to write even more… seeing how the fans responded to the songs and simply realizing how irrelevant language seemed to be in the context of music.”