Bobby Jealousy

Bobby Jealousy


At the Fest

Sat, Oct. 5th | 11:15 - 11:45 AM

Austin Ventures Stage

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Bobby Jealousy is a young band of old souls determined to claim pop music for the underground. Since 2011 Bobby Jealousy has written and recorded three full-length albums, one of which helped a California couple to conceive. Current members include Sabrina Ellis of A Giant Dog, husband Seth Gibbs, drummer Adam Harlow and Brian Patterson on guitar. Talented UK performer Mark Stoney played an integral part in the band's early development. Bobby Jealousy is the sentiment of the odd man out, the collective shout of the socially anxious, the waning hope of the everyman, and the pagan deity of the hyper-romantic. Bobby Jealousy works hard to change the lives of its listeners, one big, loud, dirty pop song at a time.