Andy Z

Andy Z


At the Fest

Fri, Oct. 4th | 11:30 - 11:55 AM

Austin Kiddie Limits
presented by Rosetta Stone Stage

Sat, Oct. 5th | 1:30 - 1:55 PM

Austin Kiddie Limits
presented by Rosetta Stone Stage

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Andy Z is a children's performer and singer/songwriter who combines music, movement, storytelling to create an experience that keeps kids engaged and adults entertained. His songs and albums have won national awards and his performances earned rave reviews from educators, librarians, public figures, parents, and children alike.

He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from San Francisco State University and played in San Francisco Bay area clubs with his alternative rock band, Tinman, when a fan asked him to fill in for an ailing preschool teacher—to sing and play with the kids—Andy loved it and so did the children, parents and teachers. Andy Z from Andyland was born, and for the last decade, Andy has been making his living as a kindie-rock artist on a mission to enrich, educate and excite children through music.

Andy performs solo and with the Andyland Band, making the most of the harmonic energy provided by an electric performance and feature props and costumes.

He has been a featured performer in Pandora's Video Series and host of the Pottery Barn Kids Sing-a-long Series on YouTube and performs live for hundreds of audiences every year. With five full-length albums, a live-action DVD, and his entire catalog on Pandora Internet Radio, families can enjoy Andy Z songs and performances anywhere, anytime.

Speaking of radio, Andy has also guest deejayed Halloween-themed segments on the National radio shows, Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child (October 2011) and Hilltown Family Variety Show, WXOJ (October 2012). He also was a special guest on the Brent & Woofy Radio Show (October 2012).

At Austin Kiddie Limits, Andy Z and the Andyland Band will be performing a musical concert version of “The Grand Scream of Things,” Andy Z’s high-spirited Halloween audio play released in October 2012. Produced by Grammy® nominee Tor Hyams and written by Andy, the narrative takes Andy Z on a journey to discover that “our friends are our greatest gifts, and those gifts last forever.” Colorful characters join in the adventure and the songs support the storytelling. All original songs and lyrics are a mixed bag of musical styles, from hip hop to Brit punk; from swingin’ jazz to power pop. The experience will feel like a backstage pass at the taping of an old time radio show.

Andy has an inherent gift of G.A.B. (along with a love of “backronyms”): Going out of his way to create plays on words in his stories and songs Affecting his voice to do a wide range of characters in his imaginary world Being someone that kids want to talk to, connecting with kids from the heart It is this ability, along with his songwriting talent, that has earned him multiple awards for his music and videos, including Disney Family’s iParenting Media Award, Parents Choice Foundation Award, and Creative Child Magazine’s Seal Of Excellence. His song “Pumpkin Patch” has also been featured on NBC's Today Show in multiple Halloween segments.

As a performer, Andy has shared the stage with The Sippy Cups, The Banana Slug String Band, and Dr. Noize among others. As a celebrity, Andy has appeared with Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) at the joint event “Stars In The Park”, and with San Francisco Giants mascot “Lou Seal”, leading the Highlander Little League Opening Day crowd in a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game."