Artist Discovery: Austin Bloggy Limits & Caveman

ACL is right around the corner, so make sure you brush up on your favorite acts but also check out a few of the bands you may not know as much about yet. Our Artist Discovery series is the perfect way to peek inside the minds of some of the best music writers on the web for their top picks for ACL 2012. This week Austin Bloggy Limits‘ Ben Wintle lets us in on his ACL 2012 Festival secret: Caveman.


It’s easy to look at the ACL Festival line-up and get caught-up in the big names headlining the festival but ACL Festival can be just as much about discovery of lesser-known artists. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and show-up early. Many of my favorite sets from previous festivals happened before 3pm and I’m sure this year will be no exception. I want to draw your attention to a band playing the Honda stage at 11:45am on Saturday. They hail from New York and they’re called Caveman.

I’ll admit, the name Caveman is not an ideal name for a band, but don’t let that get in your way. Caveman’s 2011 album, CoCo Beware, was one of my favorites of the year. It is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish, with beautiful harmonies, catchy melodies and wonderful textures throughout. CoCo Beware was initially released independently by the band itself but with lots of touring and good press it caught the attention of legendary, Mississippi-based, indie label Fat Possum Records who re-released CoCo Beware in January of this year.

Even more than a year after initially hearing this record I still throw it on the turntable and sing along to every song. It is the sort of record that may not grab you upon first listen but you’ll find yourself humming the melodies until it worms its way into your subconscious and then you’re hooked.

If you’re a fan of Grizzly Bear, The Antlers or Other Lives then you’re going to love Caveman. When I caught a set from them at SXSW this year they had the crowd transfixed. Their songs make you want to sing along and their live energy brings an element of other wordliness that is hard to capture in a studio setting. I implore you to set the tone of your Day-2 at ACL Festival this year, you won’t regret it.