Keeping ACL Festival Green!

We want to thank everyone who helped make ACL Festival 2010 the most green and environmentally-friendly music festival in the country, without your assistance we could not keep Zilker Park green year after year! Stay tuned for even more special features coming September 16-18, 2011 when we celebrate our 10th Birthday!

Rock & Recycle

You rocked, you recycled, and you kept Zilker beautiful all weekend. Thanks to the thousands of fans who participated in our Rock & Recycle Program! ACL 2010 marked the best waste diversion yet – 58% by cubic volume was diverted!

Water Filling Stations

We poured 111,850 Liters of water at the water filling stations. This is equivalent to 223,700 Half-Liter bottles of water.

Carbon Offsets

This year, ACL Festival fans came together to purchase 1,595 Fan Tags! As a result of these fans’ commitment, nearly 500,000 kilo-watt hours of Green-e certified wind power was purchased from the Goat Wind Farm near San Angelo, Texas. This offsets the equivalent of 635,000 pounds of CO2 avoided! This has the same positive environmental impact as:
  • Not driving a car over 700,000 miles
  • Recycling more than 1.5 million aluminum cans
  • The carbon absorbed by almost 40,000 trees in one year
Individually, each green ticket offsets the equivalent of 400 pounds of CO2 avoided. That’s like not driving your car 460 miles, recycling 160 pounds of newspaper or planting 25 trees. Throughout the four years of our partnership with Green Mountain, our commitment to the environment has resulted in offsetting over 1 million lbs of CO2 emissions! To put that in perspective, it’s like:
  • Not driving your car over 950,000 miles
  • The amount of carbon absorbed annually by over 60,000 trees
  • Recycling over 2.5 million aluminum cans
  • Recycling 400,000 lbs of newspaper

HOPE Farmers Market

Mmmm…local tastes good. We hope you enjoyed the food and goods at ACL’s new addition, The HOPE Farmers Market. If you did, you should also know that you supported a great cause (other than local food production). The HOPE Farmers Market is Austin’s own, homegrown farmers market launched by the the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign, an energy conscious 501c3 non-profit focused on involving artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing social projects that promote education and peace around the world. Proceeds from the HOPE merchandise raised funds to support these projects:
  • HOPE for the Gulf – working with Designs by Humans to empower the community response to the BP oil drilling disaster
  • HOPE for Haiti – raising funds for Charity: Water to get clean drinking water to the people of Haiti
  • HOPE for Kenya – providing the opportunity for a special community of women in Kenya to earn an income for their families through a partnership with CTC International
  • HOPE for America – building a community through healthy and artistic living at the HOPE Farmers Market

ACL Fans Care

ACL fans showed their support for wonderful causes by visiting ACL Cares and getting involved. Maybe you joined the hundreds of people who pledged to vote with Rock the Vote and Headcount, or signed up to save a life with Love Hope Strength. Perhaps you reinforced Austin’s title as “Live Music Capital of the World” by supporting the featured music programs: HAAM, SIMS, Anthropos Arts, and AMP. Did you get your picture with Ozomatli? Hundreds of you proved your dedication to the environment by offsetting your carbon footprint to the festival with Green Mountain Energy and signing up to expand the “largest community garden on Earth” with Thank you for supporting these causes and in turn, making the world a better place for our future.