GroupMe at ACL

Whether you come out to Zilker Park with an entourage of a few or twenty, it can be a chore to coordinate with your crowd. Why chase after your chums when you can just use GroupMe? A two-way “reply-all” text service, it lets you chat with multiple friends at once via text message (complete with timestamps) no matter what cellphone they own. Sort of like carrying around your own personal chat room. Plus, it’s the perfect compliment to our official ACL Apps! Setting up a group is easy, and it’s totally free. GroupMe works on EVERY phone. As long as you can text message, you can create groups. Go to, enter your name and phone number and you’re done! You can add your ACL Music Festival crew via text message by texting “NEW” to 512-522-5972, or you can simply create an account and add people online. You can also download the official GroupMe iPhone App in the app store for easy group setup and management.