Discover The Temper Trap

Every week we will be showcasing installments from a special artist discovery series for bands playing the Austin City Limits Music Festival this October from local websites hand-picked by the ACL Festival faithful. This installment comes from Sunset In The Rearview featuring The Temper Trap. Unless you’ve been successfully living under a rock for the past year or so, I am willing to bet that you’ve heard music by Australian band The Temper Trap before. Regardless of whether or not you can put a face to the name or if you even knew you were listening to a band called The Temper Trap, something tells me your brain would recognize their hit song, “Sweet Disposition.” After being featured in the trailer and the movie (500) Days of Summer, several television shows, and advertisements for companies including Chrysler and Coca Cola, it would really be odd if you hadn’t heard it yet. Sweet Disposition (Alan Wilkis Mix) by Glassnotemusic Pretty spectacular song, if you ask me. What impresses me more, though, is that The Temper Trap seem poised to show the world a vast array of talents they possess. They’re more than a one-hit-wonder, and it only took one listen of their album Conditions to realize this. While “Sweet Disposition” is clearly the frontrunner as it begs the listeners to chant along “A moment, a love / A dream aloud / A kiss, a cry / Our rights, our wrongs” at the top of their lungs, this majestic and dreamy sound isn’t the only one that can be found on the album. They prove themselves to be a very multi-dimensional band willing to create sounds that appeal to the masses. Let’s start with “Soldier On.” When I first heard this song, I might not have known that this was The Temper Trap if it weren’t for the recognizable voice of lead singer Mandagi. I found myself transported to a faraway field pensively walking by myself with my headphones on when I heard this. It’s meant for one of those days when you’re down on yourself, needing a song that reminds you that you’re not alone. Soldier on. When I heard the song “Fader,” I was reminded of the energy that Mandagi and his bandmates delivered in “Sweet Disposition.” This song sounds triumphant and radio-worthy. It’s laced with pop vibes, but not enough to irritate the indie crowds. The lyrics are meaningful but do not distract from the uptempo vibe of the rock-infused song. Lastly, the fifth song off Conditions it is a whole other entity in itself. Void of vocals, blanketed in pounding drums, and carrying an aura of darkness throughout its entirety, “Drum Song” was very unexpected. If I heard it by itself, I likely would not have tagged it as The Temper Trap. This song seems like it could be on a soundtrack for a video game that includes dark alleys and fighting. It’s as though The Temper Trap is laughing in our faces for believing that they only carry the qualities of an indie-pop band able to deliver us all to a land full of cotton candy and bubblegum, like we might have felt after hearing “Sweet Disposition.” Well, if that’s what it takes for The Temper Trap to laugh in my face, laugh on, because the music is spectacular. And I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days until I can see them laughing in person on Saturday, October 9th at Honda. Written by Lydia Simmons