Zilker Park Post-Festival Conditions

Here’s the 411: As part of standard ACL Festival preparations, we (C3 Presents) worked with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department to establish a plan for post-Festival maintenance. This plan includes an extended load-out period to allow time for the grounds to dry before breaking down large structures (like stages), taking extra precautions during the load-out process to further protect the grounds, thoroughly assessing conditions, then repairing and resodding areas of the park as needed. While many areas of Zilker Park were very muddy, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department states that the grass and root system are still in tact. Zilker Park will be restored to pre-Festival conditions, and as always, C3 Presents will be covering the cost of post-Festival park maintenance. Park officials expect Zilker to re-open at the end of October. Stay tuned for updates & images of the return of Zilker Park!