Early Bird FAQ’s

We wanted to take some time to clarify a few things concerning our recent Early Bird ticket sales for the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival. You got the questions and we have the answers. Didn’t get to your question? Shoot us an e-mail at info@austincitylimits.com. 1. I’ve bought an Early Bird ACL ticket every year, but this year they sold out before I could even get online to buy them! What’s up? Due to extremely high demand, 2010 Early Bird 3-Day Passes sold out in record time (less than an hour). The same exact quantity of Early Bird passes was made available this year as in previous years; however, the demand for tickets this year was unprecedented. If you missed out on this batch, stay tuned next spring when 2010 Advance-priced three day passes go on sale for $165, all fees included. 2) Why are there 2010 ACL Festival Early Bird tickets available on scalper websites? 2010 Early Bird tickets were only made available directly to the public via Front Gate Tickets last Tuesday. Front Gate Tickets takes proactive steps to try and ensure that tickets get into the hands of fans — not scalpers — by maintaining an active reseller database and prohibiting known resellers from purchasing tickets. Ticket limits are set to prohibit individuals from ordering excessive amounts of tickets (for 2010 ACL Early Bird tickets the limit was (4) per person). Also, Captcha code and other technologies prohibit automated agents or bots from purchasing tickets through their site, making it very difficult for a reseller to gain access to a large quantity of tickets. Because these security measures are not fool-proof, Front Gate Tickets then takes every step possible to find resellers, cancel any associated orders, and prohibit the person from purchasing tickets again in the future. However, it is impossible for Front Gate Tickets to stop individuals from purchasing Early Bird tickets and then turning around and selling them to ticket brokers (or to successfully stop 100% of individuals who work for ticket brokers from buying tickets). Again, if you’re interested in attending ACL Festival next October, 2010 Advance-priced 3-Day passes will be available in the spring for $165 each. Do not feel like you should pay a ticket broker an inflated price for Festival tickets now. 3) I got the ACL 2010 notification e-mail hours after the Early Birds went on sale! Why so late? We use a top service provider for email distribution that follows industry best practices. We have verified that all of the emails we sent from our provider’s servers went out within just 10 minutes of when we pushed the send button, which is very standard for large email lists. Delays in receiving the message in your inbox may have happened on the server-side of your email service provider (like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.). The arrival of an email can be held up for an indeterminate amount of time for a variety of reasons – like server processes, spam controls, or filters applied for general email management. Long story short, there are multiple email servers involved in delivery of an ACL Festival email, so arrival times will vary based on your personal email provider. This is one of the reasons we notified our fans in advance of the 10am onsale time, and also posted notice on both the ACL Twitter and Facebook pages Tuesday morning — which are both more instantaneous messaging channels — at 10:01am (CST).